We call her "Turbo".
d.o.b. May 13, 1997


Examined yearly on all inherited eye diseases by an ophthalmologist, authorized by the ECVO.
Results: "unaffected" (=clear), 1998 till 2006.
Copies of all certificates available!


Turbo is our oldest!

16 years of enjoying our Turbo Toy.
She does have a few small "defects",
but for a 16 year old she is doing rather good.
She still goes with us to the forest every day.
She easily walks for 30-40 minutes
and in between she even sprints then a few times.

Sweet old face

May 13, 2012
These pictures are taken a day befor her 15-th birthday.

14 years old, our Turbo still enjoys her daily walks in the forest!

When we play with the dogs in the yard,
granny Turbo, who is past 13 years old,
still runs and plays as fast and enthusiastic as the "youth":

May 13, 2008

11 years old!

May 13, 2007
10 years old!
Still in a super condition
and of course as sweet as ever!

December 2005
8 years old

Turbo has a modest temperament.
She is always extremely sweet and lovable,
and friends with everybody.
She is very gentle, not only with us,
but also with the other dogs.
And very patient with all puppies, also when they are not hers.

Turbo 8 weeks pregnant.

and her first litter.

Turbo was the greatest mother you can even imagine.
Turbo was retired after her 4-th litter, at the age of 7 years.
She isn't much of an educator
as she is too tolerant and easy-going for that.
She is the kind of granny
that everyone loves to snuggle and cuddle with.

If she had the choice
she would prefer to sleep on someone's lap all day.

For 16 years now she sleeps every evening at the right side of René,
that's her privilege!
Then she has sweet dreams until it's "bed time".
Nothing or nobody will get her from very own her favorite spot!

March 1999
Her eyes reflect her sweet nature.

8 weeks old.


March, 2003
Modest?? Me...?....NAH!!!